SHEERGARD is the engineered solution for high performance radomes, providing reliable and durable protection and concealment.

Providing maximum system protection with unsurpassed RF performance and ensuring highly reliable continuous communication

SHEERGARD, Protecting Under Pressure

SHEERGARD® is a full-service provider of radome and concealment solutions that are engineered to meet the most extreme environmental conditions, provide best-in-class RF performance, and provide the highest operational reliability 24/7/365.  This applies to all applications ranging from the smallest 5G Commercial Infrastructure Radomes (CIR) to the largest (135′ diameter) air-supported Mission Critical Radomes (MCR).

The SHEERGARD team is here to support your specific project requirements and deliver a solution that will last for years. From the smallest antenna covers to conceal and protect 5G and point-to-point electronic hardware to the largest air-supported radomes utilized for SATCOM terminals, our team looks forward to collaborating with you on a solution that not only meets your needs but surpasses your expectations. The SHEERGARD team also provides worldwide services long after product delivery to ensure continual reliable operations in order to achieve full service life.

Air Supported Radomes

SHEERGARD Air-Supported Radomes use high-strength structural fabrics to protect antenna systems while providing best-in-class electromagnetic transmission performance for systems operating at any frequency.

Electromagnetic Windows

Electromagnetic (EM) Windows are designed to protect and conceal antennas and communications arrays with minimal impact on performance. With proven reliability and low lifecycle costs, custom designed SHEERGARD EM windows protect and conceal sensitive radar and communication installations. Suitable for sensitive, high-security environments and system compatible for commercial use.

5G Radomes and Shrouds

SHEERGARD 5G mmWave shrouds are band agnostic up to 100GHz and allow strong signal transmission. With permanent hydrophobicity and low thermal conductivity, these shrouds actively prevent water accumulation and dissipate heat fast to ease the strain on complex cooling systems.

Sandwich Radomes

SHEERGARD sandwich radomes are rigid, self-supporting structures that incorporate both a non-delaminating panel and permanently hydrophobic outer surface. They dramatically reduce the maintenance cost of traditional sandwich radomes.

Special Configurations

Our SHEERGARD Composite Solutions engineers are your go-to experts for customized radome configurations. Think in-house engineering, finite element analysis, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, RF testing, and in-house manufacturing.


RF Design and Analysis

Structural Modeling

Environmental Testing


Inspection and Maintenance